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October 2015

Awareness if the First Step...

Dear Friend,

Awareness is the first step in gaining control of your life when facing a debilitating disease. This month we celebrate those that have met disease with resilience and courage.

We, at the Whitney Center, are proud to help where we can to bring completion to your journey, whether it be breast areola complex repigmentation, camouflage of scars, or simulating hairline stroke brows and lashes lost by medical conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania.

We are here to assist you. If you know anyone who may need our services, please feel comfortable introducing them to our Center.


The Whitney Center

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Can Medical Tattooing Help You?

Can Medical Tattooing Help You?Medical tattooing is a highly specialized field and one in which The Whitney Center team are nationally recognized experts. The Whitney Center is the EXCULSIVE referral for Memorial Sloan Kettering Breast Center, NYU Langone Breast Center and New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical College.

Medical uses of permanent cosmetics provide liberation from embarrassment of unsightly hypo pigmented scars from surgery, lasering, or natural skin imperfections. Medical tattooing implants microns of pigment in the dermis of the skin. For the past fifteen years, The Whitney Center works exclusively in medical offices of prominent plastic surgeons and dermatologists and has a national referral base of physicians.

Medical Tattooing for Breasts:  Providing the finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars, and creating an areola complex compliments a breast reconstruction whether it is from disease or cosmetic surgery. Medical tattooing has the ability to break up scar tissue and add color to better match skin tone while improving appearance and renewed self-confidence.

Areola and Nipple Restoration: The Whitney Center coined  the phrase "3Dimensional Tattooing" and "Illusion of Protrusion".  You may have heard these terms often by other service technicians, but the reputation and our work  speaks for itself. After breast reconstruction, even with nipple sparing or the creation of an areola complex by the  reconstructive surgeon,  linear delineation and shadowing by experts hands can create a more natural looking breast.  With clients who have fading areolas through congenital deformity or simply aging, we can add "perfection".

Scar Camouflage:  Medical tattooing is successful in adding color and breaking up scar tissue and provides a better more even appearance. Medical tattooing can disguise hypo pigmented scars and discolorations.

Alopecia Areata Relief: The Whitney Center will help you feel less conscious about hair loss. Alopecia is the second most common hair loss disease after clinical pattern baldness. Using permanent cosmetic tattooing we can bring back what disease has taken away (brows and eye lining).

The Whitney Center: we care, we deliver, we are the experts, and we are here for you.



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