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January 2016

Your 2016 Resolution: Make It a Beautiful One!

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SelfieLinda Wells Allure editor in chief said in her December Editor's Letter, "The selfie alone has done more to change beauty in this decade than any other invention."

"It's altered the way people see themselves and communicate their image to others."

"And because of that, it's at least partly responsible for the robust revival of whole categories of makeup and techniques designed to sculpt the face - contouring, strobing, baking, and liplining."

The Whitney Center agrees!


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Get the Best Selfie with Permanent Makeup

How can you look best for the selfie and phone camera shots? Think permanent makeup!

These days, companies realize that how you look on camera (the non forgiving selfie) can be as important as how you look in person. In response to this, more and more makeup products are geared towards being as camera-friendly as possible. For the smartphone generation, it's a new definition of what good makeup is.

Cosmetic companies have looked towards developing a foundation that best enhances the face under an iPhone camera lens. Oddly enough, the same foundation that brightens a face in person can make it dull and lifeless on camera. Although no product is available on the market yet, product testing using the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 is in progress.

Testing their new bronzers (contouring products) under a variety of different lighting settings, including one that simulates a selfie shot, cosmetic companies are developing products that can withstand the unforgiving lens of smartphone and tablet pic. And if skin products aren't enough, makeup brands are looking into new lipsticks and eye makeups that can address this issue too.

SelfieWhat's the selfie solution? The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics!

Volume-heavy products can battle the deadening effects of a picture. Moisturizers in particular are vital to achieving volume in this new generation of makeup products. Of course, these products will work differently for everyone – more customizable, long-term solutions that bring beauty both in person and on camera exist.

Permanent cosmetics is tailored to your face to make sure it looks best in all sorts of light. The Whitney Center is the pioneer and endorsed leading company nationally in this field for over sixteen years.

A hairline stroke, artistically arched brow can draw upon the strengths of facial morphology and create balance and symmetry and create a prettier, more youthful facial enhancement. With cosmetic pigment implanted within the base of the eyelashes, eyes will look "awake". With lip color and lip liner shaded down into your lip color, lips can regain their fullness and more youthful shape. Skin imperfections can be "erased" with scar camouflage color.

Plan for a free consult to be selfie ready

To learn how we can keep your face bright, and look more natural than topical makeups and fresh, both on the screen and in person, the Whitney Center is offering our subscribers a free consultation in spring to see what permanent cosmetics can do for you to make you "selfie" ready on and off camera in our new medical office location 262 Central Park West (86th street) NYC, 551-804-9245 or in our South Florida location 561-417 6400.

Come see what all the talk is about. The investment in having put your best face forward 24/7 is an investment that "pays off" as it is a permanent investment for pennies a day (amortized over the year as less per month on the cost of temporary beauty enhancements such with monthly costs of hair, nails, lashes and over the counter beauty products all repetitive monthly expenses.)

Permanent results and permanent beauty

Permanent cosmetics within the hands of The Whitney Center professionals and with skillfully implanted "permanently" with the traditional coil and rotary machine is a wise permanent investment.

Permanent is just that, permanent. If you go shopping for clothes ,and consumable goods it is often wise to shop price. If you don't like the item you purchased, you have not made a life long mistake and you can simply discard it. You do not have the same luxury with a procedure that is a permanent. such as plastic surgery, a tattoo or permanent cosmetics. Just as you would research your surgeon you should do the same for cosmetic and medical tattooing.

The Whitney Center doesn't just dabble We are board certified by the AAM (physician trained) and work exclusively in medical offices. Advanced cosmetic and medical tattooing is our core and sole expertise every day since 2000.

Facial morphology does not change over time. What bothers you this year probably will remain the same next. Permanent cosmetics done by our Center is as often stated by our clients "Why did I wait so long?", "You have changed my life," "I am forever grateful I found you."

Embrace the moments and your future ones! Come see us and make your 2016 resolutions to include the best permanent investment in a more confident you!

Plan your "color boost" refresh now for spring 2016

As a reminder for those who have experienced the personal freedom of permanent makeup already at the Whitney Center please remember to refresh your cosmetics with a color boost refresh this spring.

Your permanent makeup beauty maintenance every few years makes your investment look its best for many years to come.

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