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May 2016

The Whitney Center Looks at Microblading

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The Whitney Center does not offer microblading.


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Is Microblading Right for You?

Is Microblading right for you?Microblading is a rising cosmetic trend that has many people feeling confused. What exactly is this new technique, and are blades involved? We'll answer the basics in this newsletter.

What exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a number of small needles on a handle to draw in permanent lines that appear like eyebrow hairs, but are actually just pigment.

No blades are involved – anything capable of creating deep cuts in the skin, such as a scalpel, is absolutely not be involved. The small tool used is entirely sterile and disposable, just like with standard tattoo materials.

How permanent are eyebrows done with microblading?

Microbladed eyebrow tattoos last roughly one year since less pigment is implanted into the skin than with a traditional cosmetic tattooing approach. The more established technique uses a coil/rotary machine, a tool that offers results lasting several years.

Microblading is a valid short-term solution to problems that established cosmetic tattooing techniques address for longer periods of time.

Microblading is priced at a reduced procedure fee due to shorter durability vs. traditional coil tattooing.

Is it easier to learn and apply?

Not at all, its application requires precision and craft and just as much skill and training as any notable permanent cosmetic technique.

The investment in supplies to perform microblading are minimal and so many new inexperienced practitioners are now offering it.

The Whitney Center does not offer microbladding.

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