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Showcasing Melany Whitney's Artistic Ability

Melany Whitney - Accomplished Artist And Permanent Cosmetics Professional

Only a true artist understands the use of scale, proportion, shading, and color theory. Melany Whitney is just that, a true artist. Not only does she use faces as her artistic expression through her permanent cosmetics practice, she is also an accomplished painter in her own right as you can see from a sampling of her art pieces below.


Oil painting - still life

Oil painting - landscape

Oil painting - still life view from a window

Oil of Moshino French Art Poster with the addition of Melany's cat.

Oil painting - color and texture combined for drama

Oil painting - adapted from original photography by Joyce Tenneson


Oil painting - detail, shading, and texture with a unique flair

Oil painting - adapted from original work appearing in Vogue Photography


Oil painting - proportion, color, and depth with unique styling

Oil painting - drama in lighting and reflection

Oil painting - adapted from original photography by Joyce Tenneson

Oil painting - Melany Whitney's Mother

Egg Tempera - The art technique that was known from the classical world, used for panel painting and illuminated manuscripts in the Byzantine world and Medieval and Early renaissance Europe. Tempera painting was the primary panel painting medium for nearly every painter in the European Medieval and Early renaissance period up to 1500. The baby is Melany's first effort in this technique.


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