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Permanent Eyeliner In FL

Permanent Eyeliner That Will Get You Noticed

Let your eyes say it all for you! With permanent eyeliner and permanent eyelash enhancement, you can look beautiful 24/7 with freedom from eye makeup. Do you want thicker and fuller eyelashes? A permanent eyelash enhancement will give you the natural look of beautifully luxurious eyelashes.

Read a special article on how Melany creates the perfect look for you with permanent eyeliner.


Before: Client wanted to go from dull to dramatic.

After Permanent Eyeliner and Permanent Eye Shadow: the expert at the Whitney Center helped her achieve her desired results with dark brown liner, lavender eye shadow, inner rim eyeliner of green, and lower eyeliner. She never has to apply eye make-up again.

Permanent eyeliner can be done as an enhancement to define the eyelash base and provide a natural luxurious look. This permanent eye lining procedure done by the Whitney Center looks beautiful from the time of procedure on.

Before: Client did not want to apply eye makeup every day.

After First Implantation: Client loved the definition of the eye area, and was able to return to work that afternoon.

Healed: This Client was amazed at the ease of her morning routine now. No need to apply eyeliner. Her look is natural and looks great 24/7.


Before: This client wanted a more dramatic look.

After: Permanent Eyeliner and Permanent Eye Shadow Procedure

Before: Client wanted a makeup look.

After: Permanent Eyeliner and Permanent Eye Shadow Procedure


Before: This client wanted her eyelashes to appear naturally thicker at the base.

After: This effect was achieved with a permanent eyelash enhancement procedure.

One of the Whitney Center's specialties is permanently smudged eyeliner. To create the smudged look, our technician uses dark brown eyeliner shaded to a medium shade of brown, with the mucosial inner eye lining area darkened. Combined with violet permanent eye shadow, this client has a fabulously dramatic yet natural new look. By completing her face with permanent eyebrows she now has truly permanent beauty 24/7.

Before: This client wanted permanent eyeliner

Healed: Eyeliner can define eyes to make them look more youthful and larger.

Side View: Close up showing detail of liner placement and application.

Ethnic & Asian Skin Gallery

Before: Eyes can be naturally defined... Asian eyes typically have lack of an epi-canthal fold, but with Melany's artistic eye, she creates a natural definition that enhances the eye beautifully.

Healed: After one month.

Before: Client was unhappy with results of previous eyeliner tattoo from another technician.

Immediately After Procedure: Client was very happy with the new liner definition that enhanced her eye shape. The skin will heal about 25% softer in a few days.


Healed: This image shows the eyeliner healed for a wonderful yet natural look.

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