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Permanent Makeup For Your Whole Face In FL

Use Permanent Makeup Procedures For Full Face Beauty Enhancement

Do you want to look fabulous 24 hours a day seven days a week? Eliminate the hassle of the daily application of makeup with permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip color.


Before: This client came to us with solid color eyebrows. Using the Whitney Center she added hair stroke simulation to her brows, eyeliner, and full lip color.

After: What a transformation. The enhancements the Whitney Center provided provide for a new youthful look - without cosmetic surgery!

Before: This client had her permanent eyeliner done years ago and loved the convenience. She added permanent lip color, eyebrows, and eye shadow.

After: The convenience of being able to stay up late with studies or young children and still look beautiful is a real convenience for this client.

Before: This client wanted natural-looking and youthful full-face permanent beauty.

After: Her results are extraordinary. She now presents a professional, polished, and beautiful new face 24/7 thanks to the Whitney Center's unique skill.


Before: This client came in with her makeup drawn on.

After: One year later her eyebrows were reshaped with a beautiful arch, soft eyeliner defines her huge eyes. She now has prettier lip shape and color providing a younger look.

Before: This client wanted a more youthful appearance with out the bother of makeup application.

After: Fully healed new permanent facial beauty enhancements for a more youthful look.

Before: This client is shown just after her first implantation showing delicate brow strokes within her natural brows to fill them out, thin eyeliner, and soft lip color.

After: The result after her second session, known as the "perfecting session", where the client enhance color as much or as little as she wants. This client wanted a bit more drama, resulting in a beautiful, more defined permanent beauty enhancement.

Before: This client wanting a younger prettier look, without the bother of daily makeup application.

After: A natural look achieved with fuller eyebrows, liner, and soft lip color.


Before: This client was looking for a subtle enhancement.

After One Month Healed: A subtle yet wonderful change.

Before: Client prior to her permanent makeup application.

After: Immediately after the "perfecting" session. What an amazing transformation. The permanent makeup will heal to a more soft and subtle tone in a few days.


Before: Client wanted a soft brow and lip color.

After: Brow was added softly and a reshaped mouth and lip color was added.

Before: This client wanted a lovely, polished, sophisticated look 24/7.

Healed Two Weeks: A picture is worth one thousand words.


Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
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