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Our Permanent Cosmetics Professional Staff

Meet the Staff at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics

Great result when it comes to permanent makeup are not from chance but rather from experience, training, innate artistic ability, and superior technical skill. The Whitney Center is a premier provider and nationally recognized expert in permanent makeup application.

Melany Whitney Founder and Permanent Makeup Technician for Florida

Melany WhitneyMelany Whitney, is first and foremost, a professional artist well qualified in the art world having been graduated with honors from the school of Architecture, Art & Planning, Cornell University, NY, and also attended the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, NY. View her artistry.

Melany Whitney continued her career in fashion and cosmetics. She was professionally trained at the Fifth Avenue offices of Estee Lauder and Revlon. She succeeded as a fashion model, actress and professional makeup artist in New York City.

Melany views her work, as a Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, as the culmination of a life long proclivity towards artistry, aesthetics, and dedicated ability.

Melany's father was a New York City physician and her mother was a commercial fashion artist for The New York Times. She therefore, developed an early passion for health, art, and beauty.

More precisely, she has the inert desire to inspire every woman's natural beauty perfection.

This led her to develop advanced techniques , such as the often copied, but never duplicated, "hair line stroke eyebrow method", that she developed in 2000, and smudged eye shadow effect, to help client's be beautiful permanently.

She is a Lifetime Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Technicians and a Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional.

She works with clients exclusively in Florida.

Cornell University


The Whitney Center is a physician preferred provider.
Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
  Melany Whitney, CPCP, FAAM
Offices in South Florida (561) 417-6400
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